Your NEXT home?
Customized innovative marketing strategies to fetch record prices for your property?
The right property to earn a steady stream of passive income?
The ideal investment strategy that helps you achieve the dream retirement lifestyle?
Opportunities to multiply your property portfolio?
Hello! Welcome to The Property Pulse. My name is Cheryl Aw, a Singaporean realtor who is simply passionate about real estate.
In my younger formative years, I took up Real Estate Business in Ngee Ann Polytechnic to help me understand more about the Singapore property market. Instead of continuing my studies after the diploma, I took a 2-year hiatus to be a realtor; much to the dismay of my parents. However to me, it was time to convert theory into actual hands-on knowledge.
After a successful 2 years in the industry learning from one of the best, I took a break to further my studies in Singapore Management University (SMU) to fulfill my parents’ wish.
Eventually I obtained my degree in Business Management after an arduous 4 years, but not without realizing my goal of owning my first private property by my final year of graduation, at a tender age of 25.
Because I sincerely believe in the long-term value of Singapore properties, I decided to embark on the property investment journey as early as I could. My property portfolio has since multiplied and I am proud that at the age of 33, I have managed to accumulate 4 private residential properties in the CCR, RCR and OCR under my portfolio. The next step for me is of course to continue expanding my assets, and also to help like-minded individuals who want to build, create, and preserve wealth through real estate investment.
The gap between dream and reality is a willingness to discover, explore, and learn. Interested to find out more? Let’s achieve it together.
With a household income of $7K and above, plenty of millenial home owners have LEVERAGED on their competitive advantage to become a private property owner
Common Concerns of Millenial Buyers :
Should I follow my friends and start with a BTO?
As first-time buyers, is HDB the best option?
Is it possible for me to own a private property with no stress?
Do I have enough funds to own one or *maybe even* two?
Is upgrading to a condominium only for the rich?
Should I pay off the loan for my current property?
Is it a good time to purchase a property?
Let me share with you how you can rely on data and trends to make a sound decision and get a good purchase
Many of my clients across various age groups have approached me with the similar concerns mentioned above.
I believe that in life, we should have options. Furthermore, there is no one-size-fits-all formula when it comes to investment; especially real estate. With my meticulous financial planning involving customized step-by-step Asset Progression Strategies, and selection of appropriate and ideal opportunities, I have simplified and facilitated many clients in their property hunt and investment journey.
Many clients are extremely surprised that it is possible and indeed comfortable for them to accelerate their dream of purchasing a private property at their age. Along with an investment plan for the next 5 to 10 years, these clients are clear on their target to own multiple properties eventually.
I truly believe every one can build wealth through real estate!
Take action now for a financially free future!
Jayden and Janet, both 28 years old, just got engaged and are planning to live together.
Many of their peers have applied multiple times for BTO but all efforts have been futile. They are thinking of doing the same and upgrade to a private property eventually. Though they have a combined income in the range of $8,000, they decided to follow suit and did not explore further since they thought they would not be able to afford yet.
After sharing my detailed financial planning & different residential options with them, Jayden and Janet realised that there are better ways of managing their money using my STRATEGIES.
With my ASSET PROGRESSION STRATEGIES, they are able to :
Purchase a condominium
Structure the ownership suited for their investment aspiration.
Better understand their liabilities and commitments.
Own the keys to their matrimonial home with only a 1-2 year wait.
Focus and save up for their next investment property in 3 years’ time.
Collect passive income through rental subsequently
They have since upgraded to a Condominium without touching any of their savings, and even have a CASH reserve of $130,000, with my meticulous calculations & conservative planning.
Many of my clients are unsure if they are able to own multiple properties until I shared with them my proven formula to spot undervalued private properties
What You Can Gain From My 30-Minutes Sharing :
An in-depth analysis to allow you to understand your financial position objectively
A meticulous financial planning process, including additional costs such as legal fees, cash outlay, stamp duty, etc.
The C.M.A analysis method to filter through the many options in the property market and determine the right property for you
A CONSERVATIVE & ACHIEVABLE asset progression plan allowing you to accumulate wealth earlier with reserved funds for rainy days
How you can achieve HUGE potential upside from your properties and early retirement
Coaching & in depth planning on how to own two properties stress-free
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Back in 2016, I came to Singapore with my son who is studying in one of the International Schools here. Being unfamiliar with the housing and leasing regulations in Singapore, I felt lost.
I contacted Cheryl through one of her listings for lease; she was then the agent who represented the landlord. We subsequently signed the Tenancy Agreement and moved into the apartment. As it is an aged property, there were issues and defects with the unit.
We contacted Cheryl and she was very prompt and efficient in corresponding with the landlord and getting the defects fixed.
One day, after a discussion with my husband, we decided to buy a property in Singapore. Naturally, the first person who came to our minds is – Cheryl. She patiently brought us around to see various properties that suit our needs, and price range.
Bearing in mind that we had additional stamp duty to pay, she also highlighted to us on choosing one that had better capital appreciation. Moving forward, we are now very happy to have settled into our permanent home in Singapore.
Even though the transaction has completed, my relationship with Cheryl has been ongoing. She always goes out of her way to assist in any way she can including my business set up and other personal matters. Thank you, Cheryl!
Mdm Jin, Accountant
Helped her to settle down in SG for her son’s education through leasing and sale of private properties
It is by pure coincidence that we get to meet Cheryl. Back then, we contacted her to view one of the listings that she has put up for sale, as we wanted to upgrade to a condominium unit closer to the City. From our first encounter, Cheryl managed to impress both my husband and I through her enthusiasm and professionalism in her craft.
Unlike other agents that we have met, she was different as she focused on our buying intention and needs instead of just convincing us on how good the property is. Without a doubt, we knew we wanted Cheryl to help us in our journey to sell and buy our next home.
Cheryl sat us down first to analyze our assets – our current flat, the cash and CPF we have before moving towards our ambitious plan. At that moment, I felt that she was juggling multiple roles – a realtor, wealth advisor, and confidante. She was very sensitive with her choice of words and gave us her sincere advice throughout the session.
Strategically planning the viewings and preparation of the apartment, I was very elated to sell my place within the first day of viewing at our ideal price! Following the sale, Cheryl followed through and we eventually got our next home at a good price. There is one thing that I would like to specially mention.
Before confirming the deal, Cheryl knew that I had several serious concerns including the storage space. She assured me and initiated an arrangement for the ID to view and give us the professional advice before proceeding with the purchase. This gave me a lot of assurance and we are just glad to have Cheryl guiding us along this journey.
My husband and I are extremely glad to have engaged Cheryl! She is more than a realtor; she is a family friend now
Mr. Ong CK, Director
Helped him to sell his HDB and upgrade to a private property in the City fringe area
Through my friend’s referral, I managed to know Cheryl. At that time, I was going through a rough patch and I am very relieved that I could entrust Cheryl to take over the sale of my property.
She patiently analyzed with me on the ideal selling price that I should be looking at and went through meticulously with me on her marketing plan. Eventually, she managed to get us a very good price that stayed as the record for a significant period.
I subsequently purchased another property through Cheryl as I know she will always have my interests at heart.
I am very satisfied with her service and would strongly recommend others to engage Cheryl in their property sale or purchase journey. Not to forget, Cheryl has just managed to sell my mother’s flat too!
Ms. Goh SS, Educator
Helped her to cash out on her aged condominium and purchased another new private property
Cheryl Aw prides herself in being able to think differently from her peers. Taking the unorthodox approach of not continuing her studies upon graduation from Ngee Ann Polytechnic, she chose the path of being a realtor at the tender age of 20 because she understood the essence of investing young.
Armed with both a diploma in Real Estate Business and Bachelors of Science in Business Management - she plunged right back into the real estate industry upon graduation.
2014 was a year that she will fondly remember - it is the year when she completed her tertiary education and also, the year that she made her first foray into the world of property investment - a unit in DUO Residences (Bugis, District 7). The property has since been leased out at a very attractive rental yield of between 3.2% and 3.8%. The strategic location attracts a steady stream of tenant flow and the apartment has never been unoccupied since its TOP obtained back in 2017.
Growing up independent, Cheryl moved out from her parents’ place when she was 22 and currently has her own 3-bedroom apartment in the Tanglin area. She absolutely loves the space, the tranquillity, the neighbourhood and especially the great mix of upscale and local amenities. She believes that most Singaporeans should be able to find an abode that they can all call home comfortably; without having to settle.
Does that mean she was brought up with a silver spoon by well-to-do parents? Actually, no. Growing up, her family lived in a very comfortable HDB flat like many others. But one thing stood out for her - the belief in the long-term value of tangible real estate. And if possible, doing it as early as possible. This led to her starting the investment journey way ahead of most of her peers with consistent discipline and determination to succeed in her endeavors.
The private properties in her portfolio were selected and chosen to fit the needs and wants for herself and the family. Remember, there is no one-size-fits-all formula for every aspiring home owner. With her patience, tenacity coupled with over 9 years of professional and personal experience in the real estate market, Cheryl believes she will be able to help you achieve your goals and dreams!
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